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Ultimate AI Inside Your Cells


In the past many evolutionists have theorized that an infinitesimal particle inflated to a grapefruit size and then exploded in the “hot big bang.” Some of the originators of this theory say that this particle came from quantum fluctuations of a true vacuum or sea of nothingness. At least it used to be unending matter or unending God, but now it is evolution out of supposed nothingness which could not be nothingness with the supposed existence of quantum fluctuations.

For evolutionists to believe in some theory of a beginning that involved a particle coming out of some quantum fluctuations of a true vacuum or sea of nothingness is to admit existence in a different form. It would be quantum fluctuations in this case which is a form of existence. Certainly, there is no use pushing the real issue of beginning further back by explaining that the universe started by extra-terrestrial forces because the issue is that something had to exist without beginning. Any other explanation would mean that non-existence birthed existence. If this was so, then it would make non-existence more real than existence and therefore no longer non-existent, but rather some form of existence. The reality of existence is an undeniable corroborating universal experience by all conscious beings which clearly points to a source of ultimate reality that must be non-ending for the past, present, and future.

For those that believe in the theory of evolution, what would be the maximum end result of order out of chance in some other dimension or in the physical dimension before sexual reproduction evolved? This would be over a very long time like a billion billion years or over infinite time. Would there not evolve an ultimate Being Who would become so ultimate in intelligence and power as to be able to fully master time and matter and all the laws of this universe? This would be to the degree as to be able to negate the need for evolution so that it in reality evolution would never have become the cause and source of all that exists. In other words, the maximum end result of evolution applied to infinite time or an extremely very long time should be ultimate order over disorder and no need for order out of time and chance. Evolution with no beginning in some other dimension or even in this dimension should therefore result in an ultimate being who has entered such power over time and matter so as to be able to annul as a reality the beginning of His being out of chaos into order. This is because this would be swallowed up by the greater reality of this ultimate being who has evolved to full governance over time and matter. In other words, with an infinite past of evolution, the intelligence and power of this ultimate being would not stop evolving but rather reach such an apex of perfection as to be able to transcend time and space. This would be to the degree of swallowing up the need for such a process of evolution to have a need to exist so that in reality no process would exist or have ever needed to exist. Chaos out of order would rather only be a small mix out of many things that are used in creativity by this ultimate governance that is creative in creativity against the tendency towards disorder and corruption (chaos) that exists only in separation from Him.


Some may argue that truth cannot really be known or understood. But if this is so, why is it that in the physical world we can judge what is true from what is not true? Is a physical item true if it has a crack in it so that it leaks liquid or is crooked so that it does not fit in order to support something? The answer is self-evident that such items are true or are not true to their purpose and fit. People that believe there is no such thing as truth or morals, if made responsible for constructing a structure such as a bridge or an airplane, would clearly make a judgment. This would be between physical items that should be used in the structure that were true or not true to their purpose and fit.

Such items are judged as true or not true based on their ability to contain or channel power that can enhance and increase life. If it is ignored and not judged as either good or bad, the failure to judge it will bring destruction and a great loss to many others. Take, for example, an airplane crashing and killing many people because the part had a crack in it or was crooked. This also applies to the truth that is moral. Genuine morals always channel unto greater permanent fulfillment of life and never towards an unhealthy destructive fear that births oppression and bondage. The religiously self-righteous and proud have their so-called morality, but it is obvious that the fruit is not for the higher good of themselves or their fellow man. We see many examples of very religious people today that impose so-called morality on others against their own free will. We see supposed moral laws used to justify subjugating, raping, and killing women. For example, honor killings are now becoming well-known through various news reports and documentaries on TV. In many cases, this has involved male members of the family killing their daughter because the lady of their family married outside their religion. The reason is that the family’s pride in relation to their religion was threatened because the lady started to date someone that did not believe the way they did. Such morals are contrary to genuine love and gender fear which is the opposite of love.

When people say that you cannot know the truth or have any morals because truth cannot be known and is relative, what are they really saying? They are saying that you cannot prove there is an Almighty Creator and therefore you have no basis for consistent moral values. What they do not understand is that true moral values are qualities that always lead to greater fulfillment in life, and that these values are clearly observant. In the deepest sense, they are actually stating a contradiction. They are saying that you cannot know what qualities lead unto life from what qualities tend towards death or destruction. This is self-evidently false because you clearly can as is evident in the many statistics that bear this out. There are many hundreds of societies throughout history that have been studied and written upon. They all show the collapse of those societies coming very shortly after a significant moral decline that has affected the breakdown of the family unit. When people choose not to believe, reverence, and trust the one true eternal God Who is ultimately trustworthy with ultimate moral integrity of love to be able to contain ultimate unlimited power and life without corruption what are they left with? They have no moral compass nor constructive motivation toward the greater good and lasting fulfillment. There is willful ignorance that blinds one to see that every little purpose is for a greater purpose and points unto ultimate meaning and purpose. Every little truth unto life points towards a greater truth unto life that ultimately points towards an ultimate reality of what is true.

In the paragraphs below you will discover the most integral scientific criteria for exposing deception and establishing truth. It is integral and independent of any bias of persuasion that cannot endure the fire of truth whether it be Christian, non-Christian, or atheistic. This is based on what only could align with reality and what does not. There is nothing that could be imagined or exist that could align with the ultimate source of reality beyond this.

The MSN online dictionary defines truth as, “something factual: the thing that corresponds to fact or reality.” Webster’s New World Dictionary defines truth as “the quality or state of being true” and as “conformity with facts or with reality.” These definitions in their most essential meaning often use the word “reality” and, therefore, basically define truth as “what is reality or real.” Reality is defined in the Merriam Webster Online dictionary as “the quality or state of being real,” and real in this dictionary in its first use is defined as: “of or relating to fixed, permanent, or immovable things.” Therefore, all the dictionaries are basically defining truth as, “that which is real because it is fixed, permanent or immovable.” There is a negative aspect to reality and a positive one. Through our choices, we experience negative consequences that are real because they align with the indestructible source of reality. We also experience good results through our choices that are real because they also align with the ultimate source and foundation of reality.

So then what is reality and what is the source of ultimate reality? It is an ultimate quality that is indestructible, fixed, permanent, and immovable. Therefore, what is the opposite of what is real is what is corrupting, corrupt, and destructive. Reality therefore could only be a quality that is the antithesis of corruption and thus ensures everlasting ever-enlarging goodness without corruption. Whatever has corruption in it inevitably self-destructs. Only ultimate reality could be trustworthy to contain unlimited authority, life, and power without being corrupted by all of this or using it in a corrupt way. This begs the question. What then is Ultimate Reality? There is only one possible quality that could be the source of reality and of all that is real.

Such a quality could only possibly be found in an Ultimate Perfection that can briefly be summed up to be an Ultimate Perfection of Love. This quality of Love therefore must be understood and defined. As such this could only be a love that always freely chooses the highest lasting good over any lesser choice. Any lesser choice than the highest lasting good obviously would have a measure of corruption in it. This love is so integral and pure that it is a blazing fire of judgment against all that is contrary to this love that always chooses the highest lasting good. This ensures that there can be fulfilling destiny without corruption for those God has created. This love is represented in nature, math, and electricity as the negative symbol which represents an indestructible everlasting foundation and the cutting off of all corruption. It is this integrity of love to judge what is contrary to love that is the first criterion for filtering the interpretation and experience of those that have experienced a certain degree and aspect of life after death. Does the experience or interpretation of life after death reveal judgment on corruption or teach that whether you are evil or good makes no difference?

It should be pointed out here that all those that have experienced the After Life have one thing they all clearly describe from a positive experience or a hellish experience. They all say that the source of all the light, intelligence, indescribable beauty and life in heaven is Love Who is God and in hell, it is the total absence of Love with the opposite experience of great torment.

Since the integrity of love that requires judgment ensures everlasting goodness this would also ensure ultimate pleasures of fulfillment and destiny for man and creation who embraces God’s purpose for creating them. Anything less than this would not be goodness and thus corrupt and less than Who God could only be. It is out of this perfection of love in integrity to judge all that is contrary to it that alone can spring forth its ultimate expression of love in mercy by the perfect substitutionary atoning sacrifice of God. This is a love that always has been so ultimate in God to have always had the quality to absorb the deserved judgment of free-willed creations such as mankind upon Himself by becoming a perfect substitutionary atoning sacrifice. The mercy of God’s love that springs out of the required judgment of the integrity of God’s love is represented in the positive symbol in nature, math, and electricity which is formed by crossing out the negative symbol. For God in Jesus Christ to have humbled Himself and suffered more than you a mere creature unto fully tasting death is beyond human comprehension. It is a love so great that there is no love that could be imagined that is greater or that could exist that is greater. It is this love that is the source of all reality. Only this love could be the ultimate trustworthiness worthy of unlimited authority, life, and power without being corrupted by all of this or using it in a corrupt way and thus revealed to be the very source thereof Who is God. It is this mercy of Love by substitutionary sacrifice out of the integrity of Love that is a love ultimate in its perfection. This transcendence of mercy out of the integrity of love in required judgment is the second criterion for filtering the interpretation and experience of those that have entered the afterlife.

Let us say some who have experienced the afterlife teach that they had communication with people or angels in paradise that said they were planning to re-incarnate into another world in the universe or on earth in order to evolve closer to God. How does this second criterion of the transcendence of mercy out of the integrity of love apply? Does the afterlife testimony reveal that God is ultimately perfect in His power of love to forgive the repentant or does it teach the need for reincarnation because God is not ultimately perfect to fully forgive and provide eternal life? Does it teach that God is ultimate in His perfection of love in purpose so that the degree of the glory of their life is fully satisfying? This would be because they were fully foreknown and planned by God to fit into the beautiful perfect mosaic of God’s corporate bride in heaven. This is where love makes the greatest the least and the least the greatest in creative expressions of fellowship between each other and God.

By David James Thomson

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