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The Bible has been scientifically validated
to be the word of God through rigorous testing
from many fields of science including those strongly opposed to it.

Ivan Panin, one of the world’s top ten mathematicians in the 1880’s, discovered that the Bible in its original language of Hebrew and Greek which has the alphabet as number values was filled with amazing mathematical patterns. He devoted 50 years of his life until his death in 1942 to voluminous writings on the subject. The Bible is filled with patterns of prime numbers, and especially of sevens, that are of such an incredible depth as to be humanly impossible to create in any sensible written thoughts. And these amazing patterns are merely the surface that point to solving more intricate and richer patterns within patterns that lie underneath ( see videos on Bible Heptadic Structure here ). The Bible is distinctive among all books ever written because of it many accurate foretellings of very specific events that are many years, centuries and even thousands of years before they occur. There have already been about 2,000 prophecies in the Bible that have been fulfilled without error out of the 2,500 prophecies that are found in the Bible. The 500 or so prophecies that have not yet been fulfilled are prophecies of the future that could easily be fulfilled within the next 50 years or more. If we are very conservative and we give the chance of any one of these prophecies being fulfilled by chance as one in ten then the chances for all these prophecies being fulfilled by chance without error would be 1 with 2000 zeros written after it. Keep in mind that this is a very conservative estimate and that these prophecies for the most part are impartial of one another ( watch prophetic evidence videos watch archeaological evidence videos ). There are many examples of scientific foreknowledge. For example, Ptolemy counted 1,056 stars and yet the Bible said “the host of heaven cannot be numbered” (Jer.33:22) and is like “the sand which is upon the sea shore (Gen.22:17).” Today Astronomers estimate there are at least 1026 stars (a hundred – million – billion – billion – stars) which is about the same magnitude as the number of grains of sand that exist on the earth ( read answers to skeptics on the Bible ).

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