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The theory of evolution is taught and discussed on
TV as if it is a fact of science. In reality it is a mastery
of deception that is being exposed for the big lie and fable that it is!

The Big Bang is exposed as false and stars cannot evolve out of gas. Check out the real facts.
watch orgins videos
watch video on big bang deceptions
watch many videos on orgins
see extensive answers here

The dating methods used for long ages of the earth have been used on recent volcanic eruptions and calculated millions of years when in fact they were only within the last 20 years. There are over 105 indicators of the earth being around 10,000 to 6,000 years old that are based on less presumptions than the methods used by evolutions to calculate long ages of the earth.
watch creation.com videos

watch extensive videos here
watch and excellent young earth video
get extensive answers here

The fossil strata theory is filled with lies. The layers of the earth have thousands of square miles of the least complex forms on top and higher forms of life in many varied orders even though evolutionists have deceptively taught that the layers of the earth have an order from the simplest forms of life to the most complex. There are numerous such examples. The dates of these long ages were set before there were dating methods.
watch extensive videos here
See extensive answers and research here

Complex fossils appear suddenly and the supposed transitions of evolution do not show gradual transitions but sudden big changes indicating that these are not from evolution.
watch fossil evidence videos here
get extensive fossil evidence answers here

Natural selection can only make changes within species. For example, animals such as the horse which they show at various stages is in fact the use of other animals which in this case is a variety of sheep. What people site as examples of evolution is only variations within species that the genes allow according to environment and this never goes beyond species.
watch creation.com videos here
get extensive answers and research here

DNA and protein cannot be produced by random chance. Cells have highly complex mechanically machines inside that science shows cannot evolve because they are irreducibly complex. A great book on this is titled, “ In Darwin’s Black Box.” Watch them for yourself at
watch videos of these machines in cells here
watch videos of these machines from creation.com

A world wide flood has strong evidence and is the model that gives the best scientific answers.
watch extensive proofs on video
get extensive geology answers here
get extensive noah’s ark research here

Long ages cannot produce evolutionary change
Watch videos on this
detailed answers and research

The evidence humans have evolved is full of very big and deceptive lies.
antropology detailed questions and answers
watch videos exposing the lies of ape men

The laws of nature oppose the theory of evolution.
questions and answers on thermodynamics and order

Shocking examples of outright evolutionary fraud including examples in public text books.
examples of evolutionary fraud and hoaxes
embryonic recapitulation questions and answers

Evolutionary scientists have concluded that the theory of evolution is unscientific and false.

Here is a long list of them.

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