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Today’s solid scientific discoveries of your unending destiny!

The large Hadron Collider in Geneva is a 16 billion dollar project that has been 16 years in building and involves about 5000 scientists.

They are seeking to find what they have dubbed the “God particle”. This is because they know that only 4% of matter is visible and do not know why matter has mass. They believe there must be this God particle that pervades all things which slows matter down and causes mass.

One thing scientists and secular thinkers are agreed upon from these observations is that they can no longer rule out the possibility of miracles or revelation because the evidence clearly reveals causes beyond mere physical or chemical means (supernatural). The picture of the world scientists have now finally reached has some 10 or 20 qualitatively different quantum fields which each fill the whole of space and have their own particular properties. There is a proven and widely used valid mathematical structure that has been applied to these subatomic observations. It has yielded strong indication of many more sub particles beyond what is needed to produce the material universe. Also, these all model completely dense invisible substratum worlds of a far higher form of nature that all interlink and function according to an Ultimate Supernatural Master Mind of Infinite Intelligence.

There are a great many testimonies of people who have been declared dead and even had totally flat EEG readings of the brain. One example is of lady that no vital signs for three and one half hours. She described the specific procedures used, the number of people in the room, the designs on doctors ties and even a joke that was said to relieve the tension. All these claims were carefully checked with the doctors and the medical records. There are atheists who died and were resuscitated back to life that experienced themselves in hell but cried out for Christ to save them and came back to life.

As a result, they are now strong followers of Christ. God had mercy on these atheists because they were open to truth whereas others that have died have reported seeing Christians in hell which they knew on earth. This was because they had unforgiveness towards someone and therefore were closed to the truth in their heart that they believed with their mind. Watch the Youtube videos of these atheists and others that were declared dead and see an the enactment of what they experienced of horrific torment in hell and of unspeakable fulfillment in heaven. These videos are very dramatic to watch.

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