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Resurrection Proofs

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Resurrection Proofs

The evidence for the
resurrection of Christ from the dead
has more evidence than any other historical document.

Doctor Simon Navyleaf, the famous Royall Professor of Law at Harvard University, wrote a famous three volume work, A Treatise On The Law Of Evidence which is regarded as one of the greatest authorities of all legal literature on the laws of evidence. Doctor navyleaf applied the principles in his three volume work to ascertain the validity of the historical resurrection of Jesus Christ. He found that all these laws of legal evidence used in our courts could only leave him with the conclusion that there is more evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ from death than almost any other historical record. There has been many lawyers of recent time including a number alive today that were mockers of the resurrection of Christ and went about to try to disprove it by thorough investigation and writing a book. In the process they found the evidence so convincing that they were converted to Christ and became committed Christians. Lee Strobel, a popular lawyer and news reporter, is one such example who today has written extensively and lectures on evidence for the ressurrection. You can see the list of these lawyers see list of lawyers convinced by the evidence. videos showing evidence for the resurrection extensive questions and answers on resurrection evidence

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