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No Love Without Hell

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No Love Without Judgment and Hell

Why would a God of love allow people to suffer in hell forever?

The real root question is this. Why would God create us as the source of our own intelligent action (free will) in order to have the capacity to love, since it also means there is the potential to rebel and effect such massively terrible and unending suffering? Why would he not just create for Himself mere robots. Clearly, it is because it would not be love, but rather very unjust to disqualify the infinite greatness of God’s and creation’s unending and unspeakably glorious existence in love because of the insignificance of some who freely choose of themselves to be hardened against God’s love. It would be unjust for the insignificant loss (suffering) of unwilling material to disqualify the far greater purpose of the Creator building us as many individual stones into a house that He can inhabit with His love. God does not desire anyone to be sent to hell. God went to the extent of sending the Full Expression of Himself into time and space to die on the cross for our sins so that we could repent and receive Him Who is Love as the governing center of our lives. God cannot let someone into heaven who has rejected His love in Christ because they would be in rebellion against Him and turn heaven into hell. We send ourselves to hell by rejecting God in Christ who is the very source of love and all creation. Also, if God gave us all the answers or revealed Himself to us, we would be merely persuaded intellectually in a response no different than a robot instead of from our own free will (heart) in love to God’s love. The family of God is described as a corporate body of people from all backgrounds that has come into such a deep genuine unity in love with God and each other that their unity is likened unto the functioning unity in the members of the physical body which is filled by God as the Head. The fulfilling bliss and love in this heavenly corporate body is so great that it is described as beyond the ability of human imagination to comprehend.

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