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Understanding Spiritual Rebirth

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Understanding Spiritual Rebirth

All creation, history and the best
sound reason points towards your unending
fulfillment only being found in the fullest manifestation of ultimate love.

The difference between having mere religion and the reality of a real relationship with the ultimate reality of the all existence involves where we are placing our trust which is the focus of our being. Self sufficiency or self trust cannot undo self glory because the foundation and focus is in self. It is like trying to crucify yourself. You will always have one hand that you cannot nail down. One always puts their full worth, worship and glory towards what they have chosen to trust in. For example, those that try to keep the ten commandments by their self sufficiency forget that God commanded them to love Him with their whole being. They make rules around the ten commandments in order to keep them and thus make the ten commandments into an idol to feed their self glory instead of having a real love relationship with God. Some try to get rid of ego through mediation and refine ego beyond the comprehension of their mind and become depersonalized in the process. The fallen self worshipping nature in man has always had the tendency bring forth things in his own self sufficiency and self glory in independence from God. In the Bible, Cain brought his own hard work as an offering unto God and Abel humbled himself in repentance by sacrificing an innocent lamb for his sins as an offering unto God. God rejected Cain’s offering and as a result out of jealously Cain killed his brother Abel whose offering was accepted by God. Cain represents the multitudes of false religions that glory and trust in their own self sufficiency instead of humbling themselves to receive God’s forgiveness and be saved. Conversion unto God the ultimate reality is like unto a seed. The shell of the seed before it is sprouted represents our hardened self worshipping nature that does not want to come out of the self gratifying womb of independence from God. It takes light, earth and water to break the shell of pride so that it can sprout to life. The light represents the truth, the earth represents circumstances and the water represents the infusion of God’s Spirit into those whose pride is broken. This is through really realizing their lost condition and need of God ‘s mercy and grace that is only through His sacrificial provision of forgiveness in His Son Jesus Christ. The capacity of the human spirit to worship God has been severed from the time we were born through the willful sin of of Adam and Eve. Thus man is in a state where their spirit worships their consciousness or soul which is a condition of pride where self replaces God. It is this pull that twists one into the deception of false self orginating conceptions of what is reality such as in the worship of created things including our own self sufficiency that ultimately feeds into the worship of self in place of the Creator. When one is cornered to see the futility and emptiness of their own self deceptive life beliefs, then they will not want to trust in anything but what is ultimately trustworthy. This can only be found in the one true God who is revealed as ultimately trustworthy in that He can provide a way of forgiveness that does not compromise His ultimate moral purity that insures Him as the holder of unlimited power and life without corruption. This can only be found in God who expressed Himself into time and space in the center of history in Jesus Christ who lived a sinless life and of His own will died on the cross to take the penalty of the sins of all who would receive God’s forgiveness through Him. Hundreds of details of His life, death and resurrection were foretold many thousands and hundreds of years before His death and resurrection which no one could ever even come close to having the ablity to make happen.

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