• July 12, 2024 7:45 am

Ultimate Meaning

Watch Solid Proofs of Your Non-Ending Destiny



I believe in being a realist that searches, tests, and questions what is real from what is not. I have found what I know to be everlastingly and ultimately real, true and fulfilling by the strong validation objectively of solid scientific evidences and personal events in my life and also subjectively through intimate experience of fellowship, presence and revelation with God.

I am involved with assemblies who strongly believe that we are in the time to soon fulfill the ultimate for the history of this world. This is that the God, Who is Ultimate Love, marry and inhabit a corporate bride that is from all peoples regardless of background, status, character, natural weakness or strength. This requires entering into such a deep unity and intimate relationship of integrity, purity, reverence and love for God and for each other that we corporately become the resting place of God. This unity is so very deep with humility, reverence, and love so as to allow the Spirit of God freedom to manifest in an assembly of worship with more powerful gifts of His Spirit even through those naturally less attractive people. Thus, any self-glory is undone from those more naturally talented an attractive to others so that God becomes the focus, government and habitation of the assembly and not man. This is not like an organization that limits the Spirit of God by a set of programs or a hierarchy, but rather is like a living organism that is fully abiding and in tune with the Head. This brings down God’s government of pure love and glory that is like it is in heaven into the earth to shake and replace all governance that is shakeable. This is not some small egocentric cult but a an ever increasing increasing movement around the world. For example, the underground Church in China is the greatest and fastest growth of true Christianity in the world which is believed to now number over 130 million and by some other valid estimates over 200 million.

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